RBC 2021 Paint Your Own Story


February 19-21st


$95 per Institution

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Welcome to the 2021 SAACURH Regional Business Conference! This year’s philanthropy event will be centered around food insecurity in our local communities.


Food insecurity in America has been a problem since the beginning of our country and has continued to grow. Food injustice is the inability to have easy access to food and medicine. Change Today Change Tomorrow is a local Louisville nonprofit organization with the goal of solving food injustice in west Louisville through donations, volunteering, and garden growth.  Every city has its own similar organizations that help to solve food injustice around the country. The UofL RBC team is encouraging each institution to help the cause by providing their own donations, volunteering, or some other charitable act in their own community that helps eradicate food injustice in the build up towards the days of the conference.


Each institution has the option to earn spirit points by partaking in the philanthropy event through the following acts in their own community:

  • Donation of money to a food bank/similar organization

  • Donation of food

  • Volunteering at food bank, soup kitchen, community garden, etc.

  • Hosting a food drive


Upon completing your charitable act, send an email to ulrbc.philchair@gmail.com with proof of your institution’s philanthropic act.  Proof can include but is not limited to: a photo of a donation receipt, food drive event, volunteer group,  or donation items.


Points will be awarded to each institution based on the following system:

  • 1st charitable act per school (10 pts.)

  • Top 3 Biggest donations (50, 40, 30 pts.)

  • Top 3 most creative charitable acts (30, 20, 10 pts.)

  • 1st institution to submit proof of their charitable act (20 pts)

  • Social Media post tagging UofL RHA/RBC/SAACURH (5 pts.) (1 per day)



Thank you for participating in this year’s SAACURH RBC philanthropy event at UofL, we hope to see you there!

Any questions about the philanthropy event can be directed to ulrbc.philchair@gmail.com


Thank You,

Mason Sansone

RBC Philanthropy Chair