The Fierce Pierce Award

The Fierce Pierce award is an honor bestowed upon individuals who made significant contributions during a SAACURH affiliated boardroom. This award is to recognize no more than one (1) NCC and no more than one (1) NRHH representative that mentored others, provided comments during discussion, and worked to further the SAACURH region during their respective boardrooms. 

RLC 2018

NCC: Lexi Tammi | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

NRHH: Elise Splicer | Georgia College & State University

RBC 2019

NCC: Kanah Balfour | Georgia College & State University

NRHH: Rachel Gilliam | East Tennessee State University

RHA: Marilyn Hazlett | Clemson University

RLC 2019

NCC: Patrick Spiars | University of Mississippi

NRHH: Miranda Stone | Western Kentucky University

RHA: Faith Parker | Mercer University

RBC 2020

NCC: Lola DeCroes | Mississippi State University

NRHH: Jasmine Fletcher | University of Central Florida

RHA: Brichette Sexton | University of West Georgia