The NACURH Four Year Service Award

The NACURH Four-Year Service Pin Award recognizes those students who have spent four years of their collegiate careers NACURH living in the residence halls, constantly striving to enhance their residential living environments and NACURH. Recipients will receive a pin at the closing banquet of the annual conference. 


Savannah Dill | Florida Gulf Coast University

Tori Bishop | Florida Gulf Coast University

Erikzzon Latoja | Georgia Institute of Technology

Kevin Low | Georgia Institute of Technology

Mary Chesnut | Georgia State University

Nicki Haines | Mississippi State University

Madison Alexander | UNC Chapel Hill

Spencer Ivey | UNC Chapel Hill

Taylor Bates | UNC Chapel Hill

Jonathan Mandros | Virginia Tech

Benjamin Evans | Western Carolina University

Jacob Holt | Western Kentucky University


Hannah Aksamit | Clemson University

Thomas Branham | Clemson University

Maddie Opalsky | Florida Gulf Coast University

Matthew Wright | Georgia College & State

Josie Woodward | Georgia Southern University

Julian Kyles | Georgia Southern University

Ileana Garcia | University of Central Florida

Cole Gabriel | University of Florida

Lena Schwallenberg | University of Florida

Alexandra Lutgen | University of Georgia

Sarah Burns | University of Georgia

Deepti Adhikari | University of Kentucky

Alaina Cole | UNC Chapel Hill

Katie Way | UNC Chapel Hill

David Brown | UNC Pembroke

Adam Blackburn | UNC Wilmington

Heidi Troxler | UNC Wilmington

Joseph Donohoe | UNC Wilmington

Allison LaGreca | University of South Florida

Gaqueta Alexander | University of Southern Mississippi

Tevin Tillman | University of Southern Mississippi

Stephanie Hill | University of Tennessee Knoxville

Zachary Booker | University of West Georgia

Kirsten Lindner | Western Kentucky University

Morgan Thompson | Western Kentucky


Jacob Hoffman | Appalachian State University

Mariah Neibert | Appalachian State University

Clair Bailey | Florida Gulf Coast University 

Chad Butts | North Carolina State University

Heidi Dodds | University of Florida

Bryant Atkins | University of Mary Washington

Ashleigh Mitchell | University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Kristian Mckenith | University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Jessica Walters | University of North Carolina Greensboro

Manal Ammagui | University of South Florida

Grace Duda | University of Tennessee at Knoxville 


Rachel Gilliam | East Tennessee State University

Rebecca Skumatz | Florida Gulf Coast University

Hannah Kriner | Georgia College and State University

Hailee Bernard | University of Central Florida

Jasmine Wilcox | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Catalina Currier | Virginia Commonwealth University