The SAACURH Two Year Service Award

The SAACURH Two Year Service award is designed to recognize SAACURH student leaders who have served in residence halls over a two-year period. This award is given at the SAACURH Regional Leadership, Regional Business, and NACURH Annual Conferences by the CO-LA. 


Jake Hofmann |  Appalachian State University 

Josh Ingebretson | Appalachian State University 

Mariah Neibert | Appalachian State University 

Kai Kelley Jr. | Appalachian State University 

Jordan Cramer | Christopher Newport University 

Jasmin Cohen | Clemson University 

Zachary Colflesh | Coast Carolina University 

Anna Elmore | East Tennessee State University 

Tristin Rivers | East Tennessee State University 

Emma Hayward | Florida Atlantic University - Boca

Clair Bailey | Florida Gulf Coast University 

Hope Castro | Florida Gulf Coast University 

Jocelyn Cruz | Florida Gulf Coast University 

Emily Markovich | Florida Gulf Coast University

Madalyn Opalsky | Florida Gulf Coast University

Brian Stover | Florida Gulf Coast University 

Shayna Cohen | Florida State University 

Maddie Greenberg | Florida State University 

Tim Strong | Florida State University 

Melissa Portes | Florida State University 

Mariah Isbell | Georgia College & State University

Josie Woodward | Georgia Southern University 

Brendalyn Bleetan | Georgia State University 

Brandon Fuller | Georgia State University 

Alli Colley | North Carolina State University 

Emily Lambeth | North Carolina State University 

Samuel Sanger | North Carolina State University 

Chad Butts | North Carolina State University 

Amanda Franklin | Northern Kentucky University 

Sierra Hawkins | Northern University University

Lane Killough | The University of Mississippi 

Gawueta Alexander | The University of Southern Mississippi 

Jared Jackson | University of Central Florida 

Stanley Pierre | University of Central Florida 

Nicole Brok | University of Central Florida 

Ileana Garcia | University of Central Florida 

Heidi Dodds | University of Florida

Cole Gabriel | University of Florida

Samantha Iachello | University of Florida

Lena Schwallenberg | University of Florida

Adam Turner | University of Florida

Lia Bauert | UNC at Chapel Hill

Katie Way | UNC at Chapel Hill

Hunter Cole | UNC at Charlotte

Ashleigh Mitchell | UNC at Charlotte

Sarah Borerson | UNC at Charlotte

Ashley O’Bruba | UNC at Charlotte

Devin Sweeney | UNC at Charlotte

Ashley Fowler | UNC at Greensboro

Katelyn Sammons | UNC at Greensboro

Maia Cancro | UNC at Wilmington

Alexandra Noch |  UNC at Wilmington

Paul Schnorenberg | UNC at Wilmington

Heidi Troxler | UNC at Wilmington

Julieanna Spray | University of South Alabama

Allison LaGreca | University of South Florida

Gia Rivellini | University of South Florida

Michelle Mooney | University of Tampa

Sierra Wolfenbarger | University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Gracia Duda | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Stephanie Bree Hill | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Zaria Williams | Valdosta State University

Catalina Currier | Virginia Commonwealth University

Maab Hassan | Virginia Commonwealth University

Alana Calhoun | Virginia Tech

Hannah Patton | Western Carolina University

Ashley Valaquez | Western Carolina University

Hailee Bernard | Western Kentucky University

Hayden Hobgood | Western Kentucky University

Kirsten Lindner | Western Kentucky University

Morgan Thompson | Western Kentucky University

Autumn Wall | Western Kentucky University

Brandon Reeder | Winthrop University


Karmen Tovar | Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

McKenzie Lewis | Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Jack Watson | Appalachian State University

Amber Bartling | Christopher Newport University

Kaitlyn Gumann | Christopher Newport University

Tyler Gillespie | Christopher Newport University

Hannah Aksamit | Clemson University

Emily Zarych | Clemson University

Fadiana Mendoza | Clemson University

Michael Sanzio | Clemson University

Alex Long | Coastal Carolina University

Cammie Wolfe | Coastal Carolina University

Haleigh Crouson | East Carolina University

Summer Webb | East Carolina University

Sunny Collins | East Carolina University

Cindi Wells | East Tennessee State University

Rachel Gillam | East Tennessee State University

Aadil Haque | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Michael Hajjar | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Christina DeAngelis | Florida Gulf Coast University

Rebecca Skumatz | Florida Gulf Coast University

Elsie Spicer | Georgia College & State University

Moleshia Little | Georgia College & State University

Jordan Baxter | Georgia Institute of Technology

Megan Jimmerson | Loyola University Chicago

Devlin Santos| North Carolina State University

Erin Lisi | North Carolina State University

Noah Grady | North Carolina State University

Tylynn Lawson | Northern Kentucky University

Juliette Spurling | University of Alabama

Greyson Cox | University of Alabama Huntsville

Madison Blanton | University of Alabama Huntsville

Mark Reiter | University of Alabama Huntsville

Sofia Franco | University of Alabama Huntsville

Matthew Bonachea | University of Central Florida

Lena Schwallenberg | University of Florida

Melissa Gurney | University of Florida

Anshul Banga | University of Georgia

Kelly Strachan | University of Georgia

Brenna Potter | University of Mary Washington

Alexis Tammi | University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Kristian Mckenith | University of North Carolina Charlotte

Joseph Bosurgi | University of North Carolina Wilmington

Rachel Wilcox | University of North Carolina Wilmington

Alyssa McGee | University of South Florida

Daylees Guzman | University of South Florida

Erica O’Brien | University of South Florida

Amber Gillespie | University of Southern Mississippi

Lindsey Hargrave | University of Southern Mississippi

Grace Duda | University of Tennessee Knoxville

Jasmine Wilcox | University of Tennessee Knoxville

Michael Harris | Western Kentucky University

Ravyn Cunningham | Winthrop University


Josh Joyner | Appalachian State University

Alexis Echols | Coastal Carolina University

Amber Bartling | Christopher Newport University

Tyler Gillespie | Christopher Newport University

Dejora Curry | Florida Gulf Coast University

Samantha Rice | Florida Gulf Coast University

Kanah Balfour | Georgia College & State

Katelyn Neeley | Georgia College & State University

Chidiebube Chikezie | Georgia State University

Oluwaseyi Adeniji | Georgia State University

Ramey Board | Murray State University

William Spiars |The University of Mississippi

Alexia Neal | University of Alabama in Huntsville

Chloe O’Sullivan | University of Florida

Stephan Carpenter | University of Louisville

Jessie Johnson | University of North Carolina Greensboro

Rebecca Mangan | University of North Carolina Wilmington

Emilie Parsons | University of South Carolina-Columbia

Isaac Luther | University of South Carolina-Columbia

Hellen Popa | University of South Florida

Gillian Belote | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Caitie Holmes | University of West Florida

Destinee Daugherty | Western Kentucky University

Emily Whitney | Western Kentucky University

Ravyn Cunningham | Winthrop University