The Silver Pin

The Silver Pin award is a regional award given at the Regional Director's discretion. SEC members and member schools may make nominations in a manner published by the Director for the Silver Pin. The pin shall be awarded to individuals who have provided leadership and direction to the regional affiliate of NACURH. The maximum number of pins that may be given out in one year is equal to the number of regional affiliates in NACURH. The pins shall be given out during any conference deemed appropriate by the Regional Director. All recipients of a Silver Pin will be announced at the regional awards ceremony during the NACURH Annual Conference. 

Cole Gabriel | Regional Director 2016-2017

Lena Schwallenberg

Ben Evans 

Alaina Cole

Josh Ingebretson 

Dan Gonzalez

Lena Schwallenberg | Regional Director 2017-2018

Meg Freeman 

Cole Gabriel 

Zachary Booker 

Hailee Bernard 

Matthew Bonachea 

Bryant Atkins

Ileana Garcia

Josh Ingebretson

Stephanie Hill | Regional Director 2018-2019

Lena Schwallenberg 

Adam Bernot

Cassandra Jenkins

Sam Sanger

Ruth Ann Reason

Gracie Duda

Hannah Aksamit

Greyson Cox

Mariah Neibert | Regional Director 2019-2020

Stephanie Hill

Ramey Board

Mike Hajjar

Jonathan Mitchell

Ashleigh Mitchell

Hannah Kriner

Rebecca Skumatz

Alicia Luc