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Our Mission: As an organization, NACURH empowers, motivates, and equips residence hall leaders by providing them with skills and resources in order for them to excel and positively impact their campus communities.

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Check Out This Featured Event!

The Residence Hall Association at UCF hosted its annual Fresh Check Day event on Friday, February 11th and it was a huge success! Fresh Check Day is the signature program of the Jordan Porco Foundation, which is a nonprofit whose goal is to increase education about suicide prevention among college students and is done by universities across the United States.

The event itself consists of interactive booths, raffles, and activities that aim to connect students with mental health resources and educate them about the importance of self-care and wellness. This year, they collaborated with WHPS, SCS, and Active Minds, as well as their Area Councils, to put on an amazing event. They are so proud of the positive impact it had on attendees.

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