The South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls is one of the largest affiliates of NACURH comprised of the nine southeasternmost states in North America, as well as the Bahamas. The South Atlantic was formed in 1968 to advocate on behalf of member colleges and universities to better the on-campus experience for students.
SAACURH, like all regions within NACURH, is led by a Regional Board of Directors made up of elected student leaders within the region and advised by an advisor who is a professional staff member within the region.  SAACURH's Regional Board of Directors is charged with ensuring the daily functions of the region are being executed, helping the conference staff ensure that leadership and business conferences are a valuable experience for our members, and ensuring that SAACURH is represented well to the entirety of NACURH, Inc.

Role with NACURH

Each member institution has the opportunity to send representatives to conference boardrooms to serve as the voice for students in their residence halls.  A National Communications Coordinator (NCC) represents the institution's RHA chapter in NCC boardroom, and the RHA President represents the institution in RHA Stakeholders' Meeting.  If the institution has a National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter, the NRHH Representative represents the chapter in NRHH Boardroom.  Collectively, the NCC, RHA President, and NRHH President represent their institution in Combined Boardroom.