Affiliate with SAACURH

Our member institutions are what truly make the South Atlantic the "Pride of NACURH". When institutions affiliate with SAACURH/NACURH their residential leadership organizations gain access to an immense amount of resources, connections with other student leaders just like them, and much more. By heading over to NACURH's page, institutions can learn more about our national organization, the National Association of College and University Residence Halls.  

What are the Benefits of Affiliating?

  • Member pricing at SAACURH and NACURH conferences

  • Voting and having official representation in the organization

  • Networking with over 60 institutions, RHA and NRHH Chapters, within your region, over 400 within NACURH

  • Access to NRHH/NCC Chat Series opportunities and training resources

  • Access to the Resource File Index (RFI) for ideas on enhancing residential life on your campus

  • Being able to submit and win award bids to recognize the hard work completed across your campus

  • Access to the benefits of all NACURH corporate sponsorships

  • Access to all SAACURH newsletters

  • Access to regional updates via the ListServ

  • Access to all NACURH newsletters

  • Access to NACURH OTM Submissions

How Do I Get Started?

Want to know more about the process or take the first steps towards affiliation?

Looking to start a RHA on your campus?

Looking to start a National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter on your campus?

Are you a professional staff member looking to start a RHA/NRHH on your campus?

​​​​​​If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the SAACURH Director at