Build the Bridge

RHA and NRHH are two very similar and very different organizations. When they utilize the connection between them, both organizations can complement each other and help the other thrive in so many ways. This includes more participation in both RHA & NRHH as well as more recognition, service, and advocacy on your campus year round.


The Build the Bridge Passport Program is designed to allow both organizations opportunities to get better connected with the other through three stamps and competencies. Seven (7) tasks fall under each stamp as a way to start the conversation about completing the competency, but it is only required that you complete at least four (4) to receive your certification in that competency.


To earn an initial certification for a stamp, you must submit through the link below a brief description of how you completed four of the tasks under that competency. You can be certified in all three competencies through the Build the Bridge Passport Program and the competencies can be completed in any order.


After the initial certification, you must complete at least two tasks each subsequent year to remain certified. Certifications last three years, at which point they must be renewed by submitting how four of the tasks under the competency in mind were completed.


Any questions regarding the program should be directed towards the Associate Director for NRHH at or the Coordinating Officer for RHA Development at


Start the Program HERE.