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Genneral Details

October 27th-29th

Delegates: $310
Advisor (double room): $410
Advisor (single room): $605

Contact Information
Claire Hains, Conference Chair,


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Case Studies

Case Studies

Submit this form to be entered into our case study competition. Once we receive your interest form, you will be sent a case study prompt and a case study guide. 



  • September 24th: Case Studies Open

  • October 22nd at 11:59 PM Local Time: Case Study Submissions Close

  • October 24th: Presentation times and information will be sent out to participating schools.

  • October 27th-29th: RLC



Here is a message from our awesome Philanthropy Chair:


"With the conference coming up, it is time to reveal our philanthropy project! This year we will be collecting items in a donation drive for PRISMA Children’s Hospital here in the Midlands! Attached to this email will be a list of items that can be donated! Items can be dropped off at check-in, or during the philanthropy session! We are so excited to collaborate with other on-campus organizations to make this drive a success as we get closer to the holiday season. PRISMA is a large sponsor of our university and we are privileged to give back to their Children’s Hospital. 


We will have another philanthropy activity that we are going to keep secret for now ;) Can’t wait to see you guys in a little over two weeks! 


Please note that all items must be new to make sure the children are not being exposed to any toxins or harmful substances! If you decide to donate items such as markers, crayons, and colored pencils, they MUST be of the Crayola brand because that is the only brand that doesn’t contain latex!


Thank you so much for contributing to this drive, we appreciate your support as we give back to the community! 




Oluwatobi, RLC Philanthropy Chair"

Conf Staff

RLC 2023 Conference Staff

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