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As a part of our action plan, the SAACURH Executive Committee wanted to ensure that we are providing its members with continued resources in regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement. This includes education, opportunities for change, and organizations to donate to. Not by any means is this page a comprehensive list, rather the resources that we have gathered so far. At the bottom of the page, you can submit additional resources. Please reach out to Jasmine, The Coordinating Officer for Leadership and Advocacy ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Get Involved with SAACURH

Chloe, Regional Director, and Jasmine, Coordinating Officer for Leadership and Advocacy are currently co-chairing the Social Justice Task Force. This task force will be looking at more Anti-Racism education, programming resources, and social justice roundtables for the region to engage in. Although the original deadline to apply for this task force has passed, feel free to reach out to Chloe or Jasmine if you are still interested in being involved. After this task force is completed (end of the summer/before the Fall semester begins) these efforts will continue with the leadership and advocacy committee, chaired by Jasmine. Applications for this committee will be released towards the end of the summer. 


The minutes from the meetings of this task force committee can be found here.


Feel free to reach out to either Jasmine or Chloe with any questions/concerns in regards to the Social Justice Task Force/ Leadership and Advocacy Committee

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